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    1. Industry machinery power/motor control, Circuit insulation, Circuit protection and safety.

    2. Vehicle battery distribution and back-up.

    3. Inverter power control.

    4. Power charging systems control.

    5. Solar power plant.

    6. Other DC high-voltage power control.

    Product features
    . Hermetically sealed with epoxy

    Filled with inactive gases inside of contactor room, combining the magnetic blow-out, make product be smallest, lightest weight, lightest noise and bearing High current and voltage power switching.

    . Intrinsically safe

    Operates in explosive/harsh environments with no oxidation or contamination of coils or contacts, that could assurance contact resistance steadying, at same time, protect the contacts from water and dirt.

    . No position sensitive

    Lightly weight of moving parts with huge counter-force and affected lightly by gravity, can be mounted in any position for ease of installation.

    . Designed to meet: GB/T14048.1GB/T14048.4 (IEC60947) .

    Ⅴ. According with EU RoHS Instruction (2002/95/EC).
    Product information
  • EVD20 Data sheet

    3D file (.step)

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